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Saffire – a new organic shape in Tassy


Designed by award-winning Tasmanian architects Morris Nunn and Associates, the buildings are conceptually organic, reflecting the surrounding environment. Saffire evokes a connection to the sea, through references of waves, sea creatures, sand dunes and a flowing, organic form. The design of Saffire is distinctly unique and recognisable, just like its location. The unmistakable Hazards Mountains are framed in the main building’s roof line, and the suites present like waves peeling on the shores below. The roof is made from curved Tasmanian wood beams, built in a ribbed structure with ply overlay which forms a smooth underlay for the Polymea membrane. Although complex in concept, the build and look of the roof present a very simple view without dominating the entire structure. The glass used has a very low percentage of reflectivity, allowing for maximum impact when viewing the surrounding coastal beauty both during the day and at night.


Total building cost: $32 million

Architect: Robert Morris Nunn & Associates (Hobart, Tasmania)

Project timeframe: Planning and consultation 4 years, current design and building 3 years

Land area: 11ha

Builders: Fairbrother Group Tasmania

Building overview: 20 accommodation suites, restaurant, lounge, boardroom, day spa and gymnasium.

Location: 2352 Coles Bay Road, Coles Bay – Tasmania – 7215.

Climate: The climate is similar to the south of France, with on average more than 300 days of sunshine and mean temperatures at around 23°Celsius (73.4° Fahrenheit) in January and 14°Celsius (57.2° Fahrenheit) in July.






Saffire Overview (Source:

Saffire Overview (Source: Saffice Hotelroom (Source:

Saffice Hotel Entrance (Source:

Saffice Hotel Entrance (Source:


Saffire, Pure Tasmania’s new high-end property on Tasmania’s East Coast, is an icon development for the Australian tourism industry.

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